ABC Carpet & Home

Beauty, magic & sustainability in a sacred space

  • Site Code Audit
  • Site Business Operations Audit
  • Environment Transition
  • Hosting
  • Account + Project Management
  • Built on Magento EE

The Challenge

A family owned business with sustainability and beauty at its core, ABC Carpet & Home is a richly historied brand at the center of a life style renaissance. What began as the family rug business broadened to include antiques, linens, jewelry, beauty, gifts, furniture, lighting, and restaurants through the influence of CEO and Creative Director Paulette Cole.

The current Magento Enterprise website launched in Fall 2013 to house the expansive product assortment and serve as a reflection of the brand values.

In Fall 2015, ABC Carpet & Home joined with One Rockwell with the goal of expanding their online presence, upgrading the user experience, and strengthening technology operations.

The Execution: Audit + Transition Process

To bring the ABC Carpet & Home site on board, One Rockwell first conducted a site audit of the code, front-end functionality and business operations, then executed an environment transition, and lastly provided a roadmap for future site enhancements.

Setting up a proper audit requires a thorough review of existing systems, integrations, bug tracking list, feature wish list, admin and maintenance activities, team structure, the front-end user experience, and security protocols. Documentation of each of these areas provides the project management and development teams with useful background when reviewing the site code and making final recommendations.

A security audit of the infrastructure is a key part of the process. IT and developers work closely together to understand the intersection of infrastructure and application to root out any weaknesses. The Magento Enterprise platform has a myriad of features and capabilities often enhanced by third party extensions and it takes a deep understanding of the Magento eco-system and application performance profile and preferences to know which things are well setup and which are wanting for adjustment. We think about it broadly – from how has the site been customized for to match business needs to the server environment that keeps it live to the way the application is setup to interact with that environment.

Following completion of the site audit and transition, One Rockwell outlines a detailed plan for site stabilization and a roadmap for feature additions and promotions. Informed by the site audit, One Rockwell also recommends improvements to the existing hosting infrastructure and other components of the software application ecosystem. The end goal is always to setup scalable infrastructure that gives clients the best of the Magento platform while meeting PCI compliance requirements and offering clear growth path.

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