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  • Code Review + Site Audit
  • Full Site Migration
  • IT Monitoring + Technical Support
  • Creative Services
  • Content + Product Updates
  • SEO / SEM Analytics + Reporting
  • Hosting
  • Editorial Content Management
  • Account + Project Management


Calypso St. Barth was looking for more than an eCommerce platform. The beloved luxury lifestyle brand sought a true partner in growth. After a seamless transition from its previous vendor, we implemented a full-service, ongoing support package complete with monthly maintenance, marketing initiatives and content refreshes. Under the new arrangement, Calypso surpassed all previous sales and engagement records.

The Intake

Calypso St. Barth approached One Rockwell seeking a supportive partner to audit, migrate and provide ongoing service for their existing site. Immediate stabilization and long term growth were the key goals for the site. This meant taking an in-depth look at the overall strategy, re-aligning priorities, and focusing on technological and marketing features to propel them to the next level.

The Task

Our assignment was to transfer Calypso’s existing Magento enterprise site and then provide ongoing support, marketing initiatives and content to buttress the platform on the other side of the transition. The agency was engaged to perform a seamless migration of the entire deployment, including third party integrations and existing customer data, without disrupting sales. The transition had to happen swiftly to ensure the site was up and running in time for one of Calypso’s four peak sales seasons.

The Execution

One Rockwell uncovered and resolved critical functional and technical flaws early on. Strict development and security procedures protected the integrity of the site while we worked on it. In the end, the transition went off with hardly a hitch—and less then 40 minutes of downtime. One Rockwell began handling all marketing initiatives immediately, including content refreshes, special events, new features and more.

The Results

Since partnering with One Rockwell, Calypso has broken all previous sales and traffic records more than once. Response to email and sale promotions are also stronger than ever.

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Teamwork | Jenny Twomey – One Rockwell Client Services

Our work is collaborative at the most fundamental level. The closer you can bring development and design teams on projects, the more likely you are to craft a seductive, engaging experience that converts. For example, a designer challenged to think about page load will streamline the experience while upholding design integrity. This cross-disciplinary approach will always yield more thoughtful and successful results.