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If most firms wouldn’t touch it, it’s a good bet One Rockwell can take it. Such was the case with Sam Edelman’s desire to create a new brand under the umbrella of an aging eCommerce platform. In response, we invented a way to push the limits of what can be done in 2014 with a system created in 2006. Sam Edelman Circus now not only reaches current desktop operating systems, but also tablet and mobile customers.

The Intake

Iconic accessories brand Sam Edelman needed to launch an all-new eComm site for its playful extension brand, Circus by Sam Edelman, plus mobile and tablet sites. The challenge was that they needed to retain their existing eComm platform—created in 2006.

The Task

To transform an eCommerce platform from eight years ago into an attractive, compelling shopping experience on all devices. The platform afforded only limited customizations to the user interface and lacked mobile awareness. The technical challenge was to tear down an entire page with code executed by a user's browser, and rebuild it, in real time, for the target device.

The Execution

Our solution was a strong tech approach combined with a strong creative angle. We invented a core framework to control and implement device-specific delivery on aging platforms.

The Results

100 percent open-source and provider-agnostic, the new framework allows the client the freedom to work with any digital partner in the future, with no ongoing monthly fees.

We minimized build and maintenance costs by leveraging code re-use across the three experiences. Plus, Sam Edelman realized code ownership at the completion of the build.

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The white space we see in the industry is around offering full service, strategic solutions and intelligent ways of establishing an online flagship, specifically in the lifestyle industry. One Rockwell's approach is to look at the entire ecosystem and offer solution design. We understand the client's goals/needs and come up with a plan for years 1 through 5. We build a solution creatively, technologically, and operationally to help clients achieve their goals.