Our Expertise

One Rockwell’s expertise spans all aspects of digital commerce through a comprehensive, client-focused and user-centric approach. We’ve designed our suite of services to provide the platforms and tools our clients need to achieve optimal levels of online retail and marketing operations over the long term.

Our Services

Effective Business Strategy

Retail experts who nurture growth online

Digital Commerce and Retail Strategy • Online Marketing Strategy • Online Content Strategy • Business Logic and Workflow • Analytics and Reporting • Staff Training and Documentation • Ecommerce Administration

Engaging UX and Creative

Beautiful experiences that enhance brand image

Creative and Art Direction • Online Branding and Assets • User Experience, Flow and Wireframes • Concept and Detailed Design • Digital Production • Content Production • Online Marketing Campaigns

Technology and Integrations

A team of in-house developers and software architects who create customized business tools

Technical Direction • IT Infrastructure and Scalability • Integrated Content + Commerce Platforms • Mobile Responsive Solutions • Third Party Integrations and Implementations • Omni Channel Business Solutions • Front and Back End Development • Testing and QA • Site Review and Audit • Performance Optimization

Ongoing Support

A strong partnership that ensures long-term success

Account and Project Management • Technical Project Management • Business and Workflow Analysis • Creative and Technical Support • Content and Product Updates • New Features Design and Development • 24/7 IT Monitoring and Support


Featured Partner FireHost

Featured Partner: Armor

Technology is all about security, performance and scalability.
That’s why we partner with Armor.

Featured Partner: Armor

We are eCommerce experts in back-end business systems as well as the front-end functionality. Since the biggest challenges our clients face involve infrastructure, our expertise lies in knowing which partners understand the diversity of the tools available and how to make them work seamlessly over the long term to ensure a highly successful online retail operation.


Armor gives us the stability we need to test, deploy and manage our products and services and still sleep at night. A best-in-class cloud-hosting environment makes it possible for us to resolve issues with the right level of protection.


Watch One Rockwell President, Gustavo Waizbrot, discuss the Armor partnership:



Heightened Security

When you’re doing business online, unauthorized access is the enemy. Armor offers an unparalleled level of cloud security to meet our steep standards.


The Speed You Need

With hosting, there is often a trade-off between security and agility, but Armor eliminates that consideration altogether. They’re number one in storage, memory and processor performance.


The Advantages of Flexibility

Since our industry changes from season to season, it is important to be able to expand and contract easily. Armor lets you scale resources based on current usage thresholds, so you aren’t forced to buy into a costly infrastructure you may not need.

customer service

Great Customer Service

We identify strongly with Armor because they react with urgency to our questions and concerns. Excellent support means we can be there for our clients too.

Featured Partner Magento Enterprise

Featured Partner: Magento

It’s the world’s leading eCommerce platform. Here’s how we push it even further.

Featured Partner: Magento

One Rockwell’s experienced team has worked with an extensive assortment of eCommerce platforms. We strongly believe Magento is the best, and we have pioneered ways to make it perform better.


In eComm, flexibility is key. Magento gives us the freedom to build sites that allow our clients to merchandise on an individualized basis, pushing the boundaries of what shopping online looks like. Whether it’s merchandising, reporting, data analysis or features sets, our offerings are driven by the industry itself. We have thought carefully about how to leverage Magento to appeal to all perspectives, both creative and business-minded.


One Rockwell is also one of the first Magento 2 trained solution partners. We invested over 100 hours in training to ensure readiness on the new platform. Our developers completed the Fundamentals of Magento 2 Development course and the Core Principles for Theming in Magento 2 course. Then, they had to pass a set of exercises that were graded by the Magento Development team – a truly tough challenge designed to prove their ability to apply Magento 2.0 principles. Click here to learn more about the Magento 2 offering.

frontend build

Customize Front End Framework

Responsive wire frames inspired design decisions that reflect the industry’s latest trends. We strive for best practices not only with design, but also execution.

backend build

Special Back End Features

As highly data-conscious developers, we understand the importance of structure. We provide tools for vital support in merchandising, content management and product releases, with modifications for viewing and accessing data, specific to fashion industry requirements.


Content Management Control

Using Magento as the engine, we integrate deeply with leading content management tools such as WordPress. Highly creative user interactions connect the dots between editorial and shopping.

future growth

Future Proof Sites

Magento’s open-source roots provide an unlimited path for growth, so our sites are never static. We develop long-term strategies that evolve with your business.

Code Review | Tong Xie – One Rockwell Development

No developer should ever work in a vacuum. Is the code well commented? Is the logic easily deciphered? Can it be re-packaged? Did you improve the standard responsive Sass framework for the team? Did you meet the business objectives? You can develop your entire team in one go – as mentors, as programmers, as reviewers and critical thinkers. The feedback loop is an essential part of the process that concludes one project and jumpstarts the next.