Levain Bakery

Delectable, Delicious & Delightful Commerce.
Built on Magento 2.1

  • Art Direction, Content Creation + Photography
  • eComm UX + Design
  • eComm Development + System Integration
  • IT Monitoring + Technical Support
  • Post Launch Support
  • Built on Magento 2.1 EE

The Highlights

Founded in 1994 by friends Connie McDonald and Pam Weekes, Levain Bakery grew out of shared passion. Pam and Connie, both competitive swimmers training for the Ironman, would finish rigorous training sessions starved for great food. A favorite post-training discussion topic: how to create the world’s best chocolate chip cookie. The friends forged a partnership baking wholesale, artisanal breads for New York City restaurants. Shortly after, opening their own bakery seemed like the natural progression and Levain Bakery was born. With their tremendous success in New York, including a growing celebrity fan base and a strong social media presence, the brand was seeking a stronger digital experience that more closely matched the personality of their brand while enhancing order fulfillment capabilities.

The Intake

Levain needed to replace older back-office systems in order to increase order fulfillment, all while overhauling the creative aesthetic of their site to better reflect the in-person shopping experience. One Rockwell was able to provide customers with an easy-to-navigate shopping experience for eCommerce vs. in-store only products, while also keeping their fans informed with fresh content via social feeds.

The Task

One Rockwell was approached to redesign the new levainbakery.com on the Magento 2.1 platform – the latest release of the digital commerce platform. With creative attention to detail, and a simple user experience, the task was to translate Levain’s playful sensibility into a digital destination. One Rockwell established a new visual language for the bakery by commissioning Russian illustrator, Sainte Maria, as well as producing new product photography for the site. The illustrations are a nod to New York City, with cheeky characters and iconic elements. One Rockwell worked closely with the Levain team to ensure business, brand, operational and technical requirements were identified and translated within the new digital flagship.

The Execution

Our approach to the project was to completely revamp the creative aesthetic of the site, bringing to life the vision the founders and our creative team. The new experience encompasses a new navigational architecture, allowing for a seamless shopping flow between products available online and in-store while a new, standardized order management system is in place to streamline fulfillment. A social aggregator publishes posts in real-time across Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. Levain’s hosting infrastructure was upgraded, including the use of Instart Logic to optimize site assets, adjusting image size in real-time per viewport used, and accelerating overall application performance.

The Results

The new LevainBakery.com is a strong Magento 2.1 platform release, integrating design, customized shipping logic, and user experience for an elevated digital platform. A more intuitive admin interface helps the company’s founders and eCommerce team manage the site’s customers, products, and orders while expanded financial reporting capabilities support the company’s growth. This cohesive blend of function and aesthetic will allow Levain Bakery to expand both its online and offline presence.

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