Mara Hoffman

Step into the wild world of Mara Hoffman
Decoded Fashion 2015 Fashion Futures Award Nominee
Pixel Awards 2016 "People's Champ" Award for Commerce
Magento Imagine 2016 "Best Web Design" Finalist
Webby Awards 2016 Honoree for "Shopping"

  • eComm Design + UX
  • eComm Development + Integration
  • Responsive Site
  • IT Monitoring + Technical Support
  • Content + Product Updates
  • Social Aggregator Feature
  • Account + Project Management
  • Hosting
  • Built on Magento EE


On the strength of her innovative designs and beloved bold prints, global fashion force and longtime One Rockwell partner Mara Hoffman continues to expand wildly. We recently engineered a complete site overhaul to keep pace with Mara’s growing online business. The new shopping destination is an elegant marriage of content and commerce.


  • Decoded Fashion 2015, Fashion Futures Award Nominee "New E-Store on the Block"

  • Pixel Awards 2016 "People's Champ" Award for Commerce

  • Webby Awards 2016 Honoree, Shopping Category

  • Magento Imagine Awards 2016, "Best Web Design" Finalist

The Intake

Mara wanted her site to be an oasis in the midst of modern sensory overload. She longed for a peaceful digital experience that allowed shoppers to explore her world without interruption.

The Task

Our mission was not only to redesign the entire site, but also to re-platform it to Magento EE. This would give Mara a more robust, scalable foundation to support her rapid-growing business. One Rockwell was tasked with creating a universal platform that could support all offline and online business initiatives while offering a consistent brand experience.

The Execution

We approached the design portion of the project as a clean, slick canvas that could showcase Mara’s whimsical prints and chic cuts with stunning imagery and evocative editorial campaigns. A modular, dynamic home page gives rise to a multitude of conversion opportunities and brand interactions, including shoppable products, videos, new arrivals, editorial highlights and social feeds. Branded content continues through to product detail and listing pages, communicating an on-brand experience regardless of entryway. Special features include sample sales and theme-curated collections, and a “bikini mixer” for a fun, personalized swimwear shopping experience.

The Results

The new is a stellar achievement in content-integrated eCommerce. Branding elements are woven beautifully into the shopping experience, on a platform that will continue to support Mara’s explosive business growth far into the future.

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