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Fashion-forward designer Sam Edelman creates consistently fabulous, on-trend footwear. Our goal was to bring the brand’s daring energy online with bright, eye-catching elements and clean functionality. Sam’s personality pops into the site’s forefront with loudly scrawled “Sam-isms” in the designer’s own penmanship.

But how do you set a brand up with mobile commerce when its desktop site dates back to the days before smartphone dominance? The answer is, very carefully. By developing a new JavaScript framework designed for real-time manipulation of mobile layouts, we made it possible for Sam Edelman to meet its customers on mobile without disrupting any existing integrations.

The Intake

Sam Edelman wanted to follow customers’ steady progression to mobile devices while maintaining its existing desktop platform. Constrained by multiple large-scale integrations to a platform released before iOS and Android even existed, the apparel company faced a dilemma. Developing the mobile site on a third-party platform would mean a divided code base and high monthly fees. Placing it on a separate set of pages on the same platform would cause unwanted SEO hits.

The Task

Sam Edelman partnered with One Rockwell to design and build a mobile site that wouldn’t upset existing structures. One Rockwell teams are routinely tasked with re-imagining the very limits of a given platform, and, in many cases, inventing what is necessary to deliver the client’s message and stay on brand. Sam Edelman’s platform needed to be pushed further to accommodate a demand for mobile interaction.

The Execution

What does it take to bring an eight-year-old eCommerce platform into the present day? JavaScript, and lots of it. One Rockwell developed a core JavaScript framework for manipulating a page in real time as it is rendered on a mobile device. Pages originally targeted for a 2006 desktop computer were presented for mobile-new page layouts, carefully considering potentially upsetting factors, such as event order, proper page layering and loading time.

The Results

The client’s mobile capabilities came up to speed without having to lock in to third-party specific code or face high monthly fees. Sam Edelman maintained code ownership with a beautiful presentation, and SEO functioned as usual.

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