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The Highlights

In 2016, former Dries Van Noten creative director Sander Lak established Sies Marjan. A luxury ready-to-wear label based in New York City, Sies Marjan evokes a narrative of color and proportion to create new direction for New York’s fashion scene.

Achieving rapid growth and waves of positive press, Sies Marjan desired to translate its continued success by going direct-to-consumer through a new digital flagship. Technological analysis was done to ensure a robust product and content manager, flexible business tools, robust options for system integrations, and adaptive front end capabilities would be available for immediate and future growth. After careful technical evaluation, the team signed on with Shopify Plus.

The Intake

One Rockwell proposed designing the new flagship on Shopify Plus as it offered flexible brand presentations, an intuitive admin, and comprehensive features such as product attribute management and custom blog templates. Sies Marjan’s new flagship needed to shift user focus from consumerism to brand immersion. As such, One Rockwell proposed a digital destination emphasizing the brand’s playfulness and color palette by creating an unconventional ecommerce experience.

The Task

Honored to design Sies Marjan’s first digital direct-to-consumer flagship, One Rockwell worked towards creating a user experience rich with content and brand story. It was critical to show the end consumer how to style and evolve as a Sies Marjan brand loyalist. Collections needed to feel complementary to previous looks as the brand evolved digitally. There was a major emphasis on product inspiration, education, and styling; the native blog functionality allowed for effortless cross pollination of content and product.

Fashion Week and other vertical specific digital holidays was a primary concern for the team. Sies Marjan needed a platform that would scale, be reliable, and most importantly ensure no disruptions were had when visiting the new destination.

The Execution

The One Rockwell approach to the project centered on maintaining an intuitive user experience while introducing unconventional aspects. One Rockwell’s design team used a long horizontal carousel featuring shoppable lookbooks to begin telling their digital story.

Inspired by a trip to Sander’s studio, the One Rockwell design team desired for the end user’s immersion into the creative director’s world. One Rockwell implemented an interactive blog modeled after a designer’s pin board to showcase Sies Marjan’s latest collections, social media, and runway shows. Pinned images were very specific to Sander’s design process and the One Rockwell design team sought to translate this into the digital space.

The One Rockwell development team utilized Shopify Plus’s product import feature for all product management and Shopify Plus’s tag functionalities to create custom front-end experiences. The product display page accentuates the diverse color palette by removing specifications to focus on product design. The tagging functionality for the blog and collection pages allowed for the creation of shoppable paths between Sies Marjan’s content and the product detail page. Making collections shoppable and using continuous browsing was key to creating a visual commerce experience.

Working in tandem with RLM Apparel Software Systems, One Rockwell’s business analysts integrated the third party’s order fulfillment and inventory management software to aide the shift to direct-to-consumer. The One Rockwell team used this third party integration for an area that can become quite complex in the ecommerce industry: product data and fulfillment. Keeping both order processing and product management intuitive and following standard Shopify Plus guidelines allowed the team to avoid any complex customizations for the integration.

The Results

Launched in August 2017, is an achievement of visual content ecommerce on the Shopify Plus platform. Offering product attribute management, flexible business tools, and adaptive front-end capabilities, Shopify Plus has situated Sies Marjan for a seamless transition into the direct-to-consumer space and continued growth as a company. Utilizing best industry practices for UX and Design, One Rockwell introduces an unconventional design to convey the brand journey and stay true to Sander Lak’s vision.

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